Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New Item: Sleepmat Covers

Sleepmat Covers are perfect for mats that are used for children that go to Mother's Day Out, Daycare or Preschool. Some kindergarten children also have to have them. I can make them in a print or solid of your choice. I can put velcro snaps on it to hold it on the mat or if you'd prefer it without, that is fine too. That is up to you.
Cover measures approximately 18 inches wide & 42 inches long.

It fits with enough slack to still be able to fold it up and store it in the classroom without having to take it off.

$12.50 each

Call me at 615-443-1265 or email me at for yours.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Custom Monogrammed Bibs

Bibs are reversible bibs measuring 8 1/2 inches wide by 7 1/2 inches tall from bottom of the bib to the neckline. It has a snap closure so that it doesn't snag your baby's clothing like velcro tends to do. I can put a single initial on it or three initials. The bibs are $9.00 each or $12.00 with monogramming.

Please call me at 615-443-1265