Saturday, September 18, 2010

Team Gear

With football season back in action, many people are interested in team apparrel. Here are some things I've done for both school spirit as well as others.

We all know that Tennesseans love some UT football. Here is a onesie and matching passy clip I did. I can do this shirt in any size you want.

This shirt is for a little girl that goes to Mt Juliet Christian Academy. Their students can only wear school colors on spirit days. Here mom wanted something that wasn't just a plain old school shirt so I did several different shirts for her daughter.
This is a shirt for a little girl that goes her to uncle's high school football games and she wanted to show support wearing his number on her shirt!

Another high school team shirt for a little girl.

The boys don't get left out. I also do boys shirts to support teams.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Santa Hat Initial Hand Towels

Super cute hand towels for the holiday season. These are wonderful teacher gift ideas!! They also would be a great hostess gift for holiday parties. The towels are $10 each and they all appear in this same font. I can't change that.
You can do just an initial, like the "R" above or a whole name just as you see on this Perry one, below.

If you'd like to order one, then please just email me at or call me at 615-443-1265.

Witch Feet Hand Towel

For all those witch lovers, here is a cute one! This is another great hand towel for a gift or just for yourself.

To get yours, call 615-443-1265 or email me at This towel is $10.

Monogrammed Bookmarks

For $5, these monogrammed oversized paperclip bookmarks would make a great little gift for anyone that likes to read. Teachers, Book Club Friends, Bible Study Groups, etc. They can be done in any color fabric you want.

The paperclip itself measures about 3 1/2 inches tall and with the monogrammed piece it reaches almost 4 inches. If you'd like to order one, please email me at or call at 615-443-1265.

Pumpkin Initial Hand Towels

This hand towel would make a great gift or something just for yourself. I can do it in just about any font you'd like. This one is just a sample of one I've already done. The hand towels are $7 and you can order one by calling me at 615-443-1265 or email me at