Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ruffle Bottom Pants Outfits

I've started doing some cute little outfits using the ruffle bottom pants. Here is one I did for Maddie for Valentine's Day.

I used a pair of her jeans that had become too short, but still fit. I added a valentine print ruffle. I paired the jeans with a cute pillowcase dress for a shirt in the same print. This outfit can be worn as you see OR you can put the pillowcase dress on with some tights or leggings and make a totally different outfit. Same goes with the pants, you could easily just put a solid shirt on with them and wear the jeans without the pillowcase top. It is one outfit with several different wants to wear it.

Another option is to use a jumper dress style top with the ruffle bottom pants. Below I did a red jumper top which has a solid red on one side and a red and white polka dot on the other. Making it reversible gives it more use as well. I put it on with a black and white polka dot pant with red ruffle and created another option to wear for Valentine's day, but not limited to just that.

If you'd like to order an outfit or have any questions, please contact me at or 615-443-1265 and I'd be happy to assist you. I'm currently doing a cute pair of St. Patty's Day pants.