Saturday, March 12, 2011

Easter Applique Shirts

Easter is just around the corner!!
I have several different options for Easter. These are not the only ones, just the only ones I have samples of at this time. You are welcome to change them up in any way you want. They do not have to be exactly like these pictured.

Cross applique can be done with a decorative patch behind it like above or without like below.

The floppy ear bunny above is adorable for little boys, but I can also change up the fabrics to make it for a girl if you want. The more girly bunny with a hair bow below that is also a very cute option for the girls!

This peace sign bunny is another option that can be done for either a boy or a girl depending on the colors chosen. I just did this one for my daughter, so its a little more girly.

You can order yours either by email ( or by giving me a call at 615-443-1265.